Training & Motivational Program

Every local Candid office implements our corporate recruitment strategy with customization to meet local needs. Prior to deployment of our Candid guard at a customer's facility, the guard is made to undergo through a strict regime of recruitment, internal and external verification, training and counseling. Training and development begin when employees start working for Candid and continue throughout their tenure with our organization. Training forms the core backbone of our organization. Regular training courses, customized training capsules, on the job & on site training programs ensure that our human resources are more than adequately equipped to meet the customer's expectation. With our groups high priority focus on training, Candid GS Pvt. Ltd. has embarked on a project of establishing India's only accredited and affiliated security training institute.

Candid high employee retention rates and satisfaction levels are attained through our commitment to developing the careers of our officers and staff. At Candid, we don't just talk about career pathing - we do it. Our officers and staff are encouraged and supported to continually learn more about our industry and advance through our organization. Case studies of existing leaders who have come up the ranks are shared with all new inductees on a regular basis. Constant training and counseling are the key factors in employee morale and motivation boosting. Every employee of Candid ranging from a Security Guard to a top rung manager/director, have to undergo compulsory induction training program ranging from a minimum of 7 days upto 26 days & job specific training capsules at regular intervals throughout their tenure with the organization. Weekly Management Review Meetings, Quarterly Regional Review Meeting, Annual Group Seminars and Regional Sabhas with the Guarding Personnel ensure that the employees are kept abreast of the organizations growth and changes in policies. Besides monitory incentives such as performance bonuses, statutory benefits such as PF, Medical, Gratuity, Paid Leave and loans, appreciation awards such as Employee of the month, Candid-Star & Candid-Man of the Year are strongly encouraged by the top management. Throughout the year various excursion programs, parties and get-togethers are organized which help our Candid family members bond in an informal environment. Festivals like Diwali, Holi, Idd and Christmas amongst others are celebrated by all Candid family members.

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