Franchise of Candid GS Pvt. Ltd. offer to be partner of Security Company

Candid Guard Services Private Limited is planning a PAN India expansion plan in the franchisee model. Please do not confuse it with a salaried job offer, this is a profit-sharing model between franchisee and franchisor. Candid Guard Services Private Limited and Franchisee of a state/city but he can generate business elsewhere too.

In this model franchisee will get the ready-made sales and marketing material and the corporate savvy profile which fulfils all eligibility criteria like Turn over, client list, experience certificate from clients in banking, industry, hospitality sector which is a handicap in getting good security contracts in Government and Corporate sectors.

Being a manpower and human resource related opportunity and keeping in view the number of ex-service man and people having exposure in security who can use it as a second career option, it has been decided to throw this offer first to willing person who want to be an entrepreneur at their respective places.

Since this is not a job offer, a guaranteed salary or income will not start just by taking the franchisee, it is highly advisable that the candidate continues his respective job and peruses the sales and marketing of franchisee till his sixty per cent share is enough to strive him further as an independent entrepreneur.

The advantage is being an initial low-cost investment and straight away induction into profitable business by being partner to us with all legal and other statutory formalities like Service tax, PF, ESI etc being taken care by the corporate office. Franchisee will have the role and responsibility of Sales/Marketing and operations only.

Initial requirement will be formal agreement with us, and the security deposit. Franchisee can start marketing and operations by online registration and agreement followed by operations and sales as the business progresses. They will be imparted online induction training with emphasis on marketing, identifying clients, costing, and generating new business. On the business generated by franchisee their share in profit will be of 60 percent of the profit after tax. In case the business is generated by the company and franchisee has been given to manage they will be provided 10% of the profit.

Our company will provide business leads for the location of the franchisee to follow up and generate the business. Also, the franchisee will be provided with tender details of their region. Ours being an MSME company EMD and cost of tender documents are exempted, however in case of non MSME tenders the franchisee will have to pay the EMD as well cost of tender document. As a general rule company will not be investing for tenders or salaries advances etc and all payments will be the responsibility of franchisee. Franchisee profit share after TDS deduction will be credited to their account on realisation of bills. Candid GSPL will not be responsible for any unrealised or deductions or disputed bills of the franchisee.

Major Pravin Singh, Veteran
Candid Guard Services Private Limited
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Candid Franchisee business FAQs

  1. Why should one take franchisee of Candid instead of opening a new company?
    Answer: Because company registration, psara licence, tax and other registration, account staff will take time as well as money. Still, you will not get new clients since new company will not have strong client list, experience certificates, minimum turn over criteria for getting tender or work contract. DGR company are preferred by govt sector, banks and psu.
  2. What all Support shall Candid provide?
    Answer: Accounting, quotation, billing, salary, tax, pf etc will be done by us. Our intranet and simple software based on google sheets and forms will things easy for novices. You will be provided leads of your area as well tenders for participating in your area. We will keep sending you tender details and you may have to invest in its EMD, and we will assist in the online tender. If you run the operation under our guidance, you can earn 60% profit share. If you run the operation company of the tenders or business generated by the company, we will give you 10% share. EMD will be given back to if we are unsuccessful in tender once the refund is received or after work completion as soon as it is released to the franchisee.
  3. What will be the Investment?
    Answer: One-time non-refundable franchisee fees for one year is as under: -
    1. Class C City   = Rs 50,000/- plus GST
    2. Class B City   = Rs 75,000/- plus GST
    3. Class A City   = Rs 1,00,000/- plus GST
    Apart from this we recommend setting up an office with a computer, telephone and internet with a sales and administrative staff able to bid for tenders and prepare the quotes for the clients.
  4. If I get work outside my city?
    Answer: You can get it by paying franchisee fees for that area too.
  5. What other support will Candid provide to franchisee?
    Answer: Call Center guidance on all issues from quotations, to tendering to software training for running the business in online mode. Transparent accounting which can be seen in the google sheet and intranet by franchisee 24x7.
  6. Will Candid provide us Business leads?
    Answer: Yes, leads as well as tender of your area will be provided by us.
  7. How will we Renew the franchisee?
    Answer: Franchisee will be automatically renewed for one year if franchisee has any running contract. However, company may not renew the franchisee which fail to generate any business in first year and their franchisee will stand terminated after the expiry of the agreement.
  8. Can and open a company bank account?
    Answer: No, company bank account will be strictly operated by the company and your profit share after tax will be remitted to you and reported to you in a transparent manner by company intranet and google sheet.

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