Electronic Security Gadgets

We offer a host of security related hardware and software as listed below to suit the client requirement and budget in collaboration with

CCTV surveillance system for live/recorded surveillance in sensitive areas with sophisticated CCTV equipments, which include cameras, day and night, vision lenses and optional facility of access it live on internet from anywhere in the world.

Intrusion Detection System for automatic alarm and telephonic call to a group of users including the police station for raising alarm in case of intrusions in the office or residential property.

Access control system aids in controlling and recording movement of personals and this can be linked to payroll software for automatic calculation of wages on monthly/ weekly basis.

Biometric access control system can identify, verify, record and grant access to individuals by their fingerprint or retinal scans and thereby is the most foolproof method for access control in electronic surveillance.

Fire detection systems for industrial, commercial and residential premises, which are with gas, heat and smoke, activated sensors.

Fire suppression systems that can be clubbed with fire detection system with wet, dry and Aragonite gas, which can suppress fire on the initial stage thereby preventing loss to man and material.

Smart cards having variable data storage space can be utilized for varied functions like Access control, network log in and details of individuals including medical history and service records etc.

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