Candid Advantage

CANDID , Immaculate Security Management Group. Control India, over aneroid of 15 years. security group, has risen to become one of the largest security providers in India over a period of 36 years. With a nation-wide presence in 90 metropolitan cities/towns/industrial districts, fully equipped offices with the latest management tools, trained & self-motivated human resources and with over 5000 delighted customers on our side, CANDID is totally geared to face the tomorrow today. By partnering with CANDID on an all India basis many tangible & intangible benefits would accrue to you.

  1. Time Saving & Risk Mitigation- You will save a great deal of ordeal, quality time and efforts of your human resources at micro levels, by eradicating tedious procedures of selection, vetting and finalization of local security vendors. Thereby, also mitigating hidden risks of corruption, favoritism and unethical purchasing at local levels. Throughout the world today, majority of the CEOs and corporate business heads are decentralizing all business functions except, security and intelligence because they know and so should you, that security is an extremely valuable tool and one of the last resorts when all things fail.
  2. 100% Quality Assurance - You will always be assured of 100% qualitative services throughout the tenure of the contract at all your facilities owing to the ISO 9001:2000 certification of CANDID
  3. Value Additions - You will get the value-added benefit of our fidelity and professional indemnity cover of up to INR 50 million absolutely free. Which means, that all your facilities & properties under our protection, will be automatically insured by us against thefts, pilferages and losses during the pendency of our contract. The terms and conditions of the insurance agreement with United India Insurance Company Limited apply.
  4. Cost Benefits - You will be able to utilize all other specialized services of CANDID at discounted prices. Whether it's a commercial / personal investigation in India/abroad or requirement of special security services for short-term assignments or assistance during duress situations or installation of hi-tech security systems, we are just a phone call away. Besides, on joining our CANDID family, you will always be entitled to free consultancy and support through out India, from time to time.
  5. 24 x 7 Assistance - You will be able to identify and track any vulnerabilities/breach in any of your facilities with CANDID on your side. Our 24 x 7 pan India control rooms and mobile operatives are always accessible in any emergency situations.
  6. Commitment - Above all, with CANDID on your side, you can be rest assured of integrity, transparency, business ethics and a professional work culture.

Remember, good security never costs – it pays. So, get the Candid advantage on your side and change to the better and right alternative today.