About Us

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About Us

  • Candid Guard Services Private Limited is EX - DGR Company
  • Became Pvt Ltd in year 2007
  • Founded in 2006
  • Pasara in various states with 50 above branches
  • Founder Promoter is Major Pravin Singh an Ex - servicemenand Ex Police Commandant with 22 yrswork experience including Army as an active Paratrooper with Gallantry award in Jungle terrain of Manipur. He was commissioned in Army as Best Cadet Commissioned in Regiment of Artillery from OTA(Chennai).
  • He has a passion for training and has served as Commandant of Special Police training center, Boregaon and MBP Military School.

Our Vision

Is to impart security professionally and set standards of automation and online transparency in security industry.


Our Mission

  1. We are the source of inspiration and delight to our customers by providing committed and motivated ex-serviceman workforce linked directly on our online platform
  2. We offer a healthy work environment, which starts with training to impart professional knowledgeto ensure pride in job and better understanding of situations.
  3. Our 24x7 CCCCC(CandidCentral Command & Control Center) sets the standards for online guidance on all issues by dedicated call centre.

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Why are we better than other service providers?

  1. Every local Candid office implements our corporate online recruitment strategy with build in system of rewards on referrals. Details of guards Aadhar details, geo location enabled attendance, police verification and training certificates are available at our app for each guarding personal.
  2. Prior to deployment of our Candid guard is made to undergo through a strict regime of recruitment, internal and external verification and their records are made available online through mobile apps.
  3. Regular training courses, customized training capsules, on the job & online training programs ensure that our human resources are more than adequately equipped to meet the customer's expectation.
  4. With our group's high priority focus on training & Candid GS Pvt. Ltd. has embarked on a project of establishing India's only online security training module and capsule being run and managed online by our CCCCC (CandidCentral Command & Control Center).
  5. Besides monetary incentives such as performance bonuses, statutory benefits such as PF, Medical, Gratuity, Paid Leave and loans, appreciation awards such as Employee of the month, Candid-Star & Candid-Man of the Year are strongly encouraged.
  6. Throughout the year various updates and alerts are posted on our online platform on matters related to security threats, latest trends in frauds and cheating, weather reports, warning and advisory issued by various government departments.

Key Differentiators

Candid Success mantras
  1. App based online Basic Training Solutions Customized for employer and employee.
  2. Post Training online documentation and mentorship by dedicated CCCCC (candid Central Command & Control Centre) call centre support.
  3. Technology Oriented Training, report Delivery.
  4. Transparent online accounting system.
  5. Extensive focus on PSUs, Banking Sector and Cash Van sector who employ ex-serviceman.
  6. Ex-serviceman Director and task-oriented ex-service man team.

AI Based Security Service

  1. Our technology partner is infotrust Singapore http://infotrust.com.sg/which keeps us abreast with latest technological developments in the world.
  2. The requirement of AI based process to ensure proper documentation of guards, to salary in accounts and statutory dues need to be as transparent and fool proof to ensure customer delight and guards welfare.
  3. Running a security agency poses other problems to satisfy client criteria like real time reporting and automated rest and relief and leave management system in an online and transparent manner.
  4. Candid Guard Services Private Limited has produced novel solution to all these problems by introducing technology to cater for all eventualities with 100 % transparency.
  5. These all facilities are given to client with no extra cost to them.
  6. The app-based reporting from sites on all eventualities and alerts on sms as well as call gives clients full control of their asset's security.
  7. Candid is a mix of motivated ex-serviceman work force coupled with latest in technological advancement to ensure minimum turnaround time for action based on real time int collection, collation and dissemination of incident reports.
  8. Specific trigger response to contingencies can be added on request from client.
  9. Video analytics for clients.

Business Value

  1. Candid Guard Services Private Limited is planning a PAN India expansion plan in the franchisee model. In this model franchisee will get the readymade sales and marketing material and the corporate savvy profile which fulfils all eligibility criteria like Turn over, client list, experience certificate from clients in banking, industry, hospitality sector which is a handicap in getting good security contracts in Government and Corporate sectors.
  2. The advantage is being an initial low-cost investment and straight away induction into profitable business by being partner to us with all legal and other statutory formalities like Service tax, PF, ESI etc being taken care by the corporate office. Franchisee will have the role and responsibility of Sales/Marketing and operations only.
  3. Initial requirement will be formal agreement with us and the security deposit as per classification of city.
  4. They will be imparted online app-based induction training with emphasis on marketing, identifying clients, costing and generating new business for which their share in profit will be of 60 percent of the profit after tax. They will be provided with online app-based marketing material, training for preparation of quote and operation of business through our CCCCC (CandidCentral Command & Control Center).
  5. The fact sheet and business plan be shared to you on request by our CCCCC (CandidCentral Command & Control Center).

Housekeeping And Manpower Out Sourcing Services

  1. Same as per security SOPS with additional tasks and duties check list being monitored online in a transparent way.
  2. Physical checking of facility management by supervisors at sites.
  3. Use of machine assisted cleaning for less turnaround time and with maximum efficiency.
  4. Request for specialized services like drivers, electricians, carpenters, gardeners etc. by mobile Apps CB (Candid Buddy) with absolute transparency.